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 The Family of God Community Church, will strive to implement the following “vision” for ministry in the Newaygo Area (and beyond):  

Spirit-Led Worship: 
  FOGCC stands as a growing and vibrant family of believers who joyfully and enthusiastically worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and actively project His love to the community.
  Worship at FOGCC exudes a unique and balanced sense of excitement, expectation, reverence, holiness, celebration, laughter, communion, and joyfulness that transforms lives for Christ.
Diverse Approach:  FOGCC worships God through a blended and diverse mixture of worship components that include music, prayer, confession, praise, Bible-based preaching, sacraments, expression, and lay participation.
Response:  Worship at FOGCC stimulates an attitude of gratefulness, forgiveness, Biblical knowledge, doctrinal foundations, spiritual growth, and practical lessons for everyday

 Welcoming and Diverse Community:
Diversity of Members:  FOGCC is a congregation that is richly diverse in ages, life stages, family status, economics, religious back-grounds, racial make-up, educational levels, and spiritual maturity.
Inclusive Environment:  FOGCC radiates a warm, inviting, friendly, and family-like atmosphere where people are genuinely and personally welcomed, listened to, cared about, appreciated, affirmed, and integrated into the life of the church.   
Involvement:  FOGCC empowers the congregation to serve in roles at all levels within the church by helping people discover, expand, and utilize their unique talents, gifts, interests, and skills on behalf of the ministry and operation of the church.
Discipleship:  FOGCC facilitates spiritual growth and maturity for all members through planned outlets for Christian education (for children and adults), spiritual discipline and accountability, financial stewardship, personal support and counsel, and relational networks and activities that extend beyond Sundays into the rest of the week.

Witnessing & Reaching Out to Others:
Acts of Love:  FOGCC is well-recognized and valued in the community as a church whose people truly “walk-their-talk” as evidenced by their servant hearts and acts of compassion extended to people in need in the surrounding community.
Works of Faith:  FOGCC equips and supports its members in using their gifts and talents to make a difference in serious community issues such as creation care and environmental stewardship, poverty and social justice, mission outreach and evangelism, health and wellness, and deteriorating societal values, materialism, and strife.
Ecumenical Spirit:  FOGCC purposefully partners with other churches and faith-based organizations to transcend barriers of denomination and doctrine by pooling resources and efforts to pursue mutually-shared values and projects in the community.