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Yes, when God called the little nation of Israel to follow and to be HIS people...he told them he would bless them!  But not just for the purpose of blessing them for themselves!  No, God promised that he would bless them so that they could, in turn, bless others!  What a great world this would be if evMission Salutationery time we felt blessed ... or received some kind of blessing... then, we would go out of our way to bless someone else!  FOGCC is attempting to do just that!  Of course, we are very grateful for the tithes, offerings and special gifts that are given to us--we recognize them as blessings from God.  In order to be a blessing to others, our bylaws mandate that we practice the discipline of tithing as a church--that means that we give 10% of all the tithes and offerings that are received to other missions and ministries. Let's hope and pray that we will always look for ways to thank God for all the ways that he has blessed us...and then, keep up our end of the "covenant" by looking for ways to BLESS OTHERS!

In fulfillment of the “witness” part of the FOGCC mission statement, the church has provided financial support to the following organizations and ministries for the 2010-2011 budget year.  In most cases, church members also volunteer or provide services within these organizations: 

Servants of the Savior (SOS), Matamoros, Mexico:  Church financial support has helped meet the basic subsistence needs (food, shelter, medical) of the poorest-of-the-poor who live in this border city’s squatter’s camps and shanty towns.  The church also helps pay the expenses of a mission team from FOGCC that travels to Mexico each year to build houses and distribute supplies to these families. 

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee:  FOGCC contributed to the world-wide disaster relief and assistance fund of CRWRC through the fund raising efforts of “Tractor Dave’s Drive Across America.”

Zuni Christian Mission, Zuni, New Mexico:  Financial support was provided to this Christian mission school that serves Native American children and families on the Zuni Indian Reservation to enable Indian children from non-Christian homes to benefit from a Christian educational experience. 

LOVE, INC (In the Name of Christ), Newaygo, Michigan:  FOGCC is a participating financial “church partner” of LOVE, INC, and additionally provided financial support (channeled through West MI Food Bank) for the Food Pantry.  Church members volunteers in the pantry and also serve on the Bunk Bed Ministry Team to build beds for indigent families in Newaygo County. 

TrueNorth Community Services, Fremont, Michigan:  An annual monetary gift was made to support this agency’s youth development programs (Big Brothers/Big Sisters, youth enrichment, “Tools-for-Schools” programs).  Members of the church also volunteer in TrueNorth’s anti-poverty and homelessness prevention programs by making quilts for families, providing Christmas presents to low-income children, and working at Camp Newaygo as climbing wall instructors and drivers for girls’ summer camp. 

Alpha Family Center, Newaygo, Michigan:  FOGCC provided a financial gift for baby layettes, pre-natal services, clothing, and household supplies to young and low-income women who have experienced a too-early, unplanned, or crisis pregnancy.  

Vera’s House, Newaygo, Michigan:  Financial support was provided for the women’s health services and domestic violence support programs conducted by St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in downtown Newaygo. 

Bethany Christian Services, Fremont, Michigan:  The youth group of FOGCC used church funds to purchase and put together duffle bags (of p.j.’s, clothing, hygiene supplies) for foster children who are entering foster home placements with only the clothes-on-their-back through this local child welfare agency. 

Newaygo Chamber of Commerce, Newaygo, Michigan:  FOGCC is a dues-paying member of the Newaygo Chamber and partners (via volunteer labor, funds, and hosting events) in several Chamber-sponsored community events including the National Canoe and Kayak Races, the  Halloween Parade and the “Trunk or Treat” at the church, the Downtown Christmas Walk, the St. Nick Kick road race/walk, and  evenings-in-the park events.  The FOGCC pastor also directs the annual community-wide ecumenical Christmas Concert. 

Recycle for Newaygo County, Fremont, Michigan:  A financial gift was made to support the recycling program in Newaygo County. 

Hispanic Church-Start, Grant, Michigan:  The church is making a “seed-gift” to help a Hispanic church build a new facility that will especially meet the needs of the seasonal migrant workers and their families who work in the Grant area. 

Release-Time Bible Ministry, Newaygo, Michigan:  The church makes its classroom facilities available (without charge) on a weekly basis for use by this after-school Bible study club for elementary-aged students from Newaygo Public Schools. 

Mission PresentationReformed Bible College (Daily Bread), Grand Rapids, Michigan:  This annual donation supported the production and monthly distribution of the daily devotional book called “Daily Bread” which is also made available to all church members.