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Wednesday, February 21

    9:30am: WOW (Women of the Word) meets

    3:30pm: Wonderful, Wacky Wednesday at FOGCC

    5:15 - 6:15pm Community Family Dinner

Thursday, February 15

    1:00pm: Bible Release

Sunday, February 25

    3:30pm: Chelsea's Ordination at Zion Reformed Church in Grandville

Friday, March 2

    1:00pm: Bible Release

Thursday, March 8

    11:00am: Hope 101 Development Team meeting

     1:00pm: Hope 101 Board of Directors meeting

Friday, March 9

    6:00pm: Game Night at FOGCC

Monday, March 12

    1:00pm: Bible release

    4:00pm: Outreach Team meeting

Thursday, March 15

   10:00am: Logistics Team meeting

Tuesday, March 20

    4:00pm: Education Team Meeting

    6:00pm: Leadership Council meeting