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What is it Like to Worship at FOGCC?

In June, 2008, a multi-generational group of Christians assembled to explore the possibilities for starting a new church in the Newaygo area.  Our original group consisted of about 30 people who recognized the need to create a new venue for ministry that placed a strong emphasis on “community,” revitalized worship, and spiritual growth.  We felt “called” to organize our efforts around Reverend Barbara Boss and enlisted her gifts of ministry to spearhead our new church start.

We are very excited about this new movement blossoming in the Newaygo area!  It is with a profound sense of joy that we want to introduce you to a group of fellow “seekers” who are embarking on a path that has already rejuvenated our spiritual lives. 

Family of God Community Church has been worshipping since Sept. 8, 2008.   Our name reflects the high priority we put on “community” and sharing a common vision for ministry.  Initially, we were challenged by the Apostle Paul’s good words that he wrote nearly two thousand years ago to the “new” church of Thessalonica!  In that letter (I Thess. 1), he commends them for their works of faith, labors of love and steadfastness of hope.  Family of God Community Church hopes to build on that triad as we strive to be “Jesus with skin on” to the world around us. 

We don’t know if you have a strong sense of connection to a Christian community.  We don’t know if you find yourself seeking for a place to worship and grow ever closer in relationship to God and God’s people.  If you find yourself in this category, perhaps you might consider joining us!

We pray that you will experience God at work in your life, your family and His world.  Please know that we would love to have you worship with the Family of God that gathers at 10 a.m. on Sunday!  God bless you…